Botany Lessons in Montessori Classroom 

We start our botany lessons by explaining the children about how plants help us in various ways. We explain how the food we eat, the clothes we wear and the house we live are from the plants. We use the following picture cards to explain the process of plants uses. This is from Montessori for Everyone.

And we introduce them our botany shelf by saying this shelf has all related to plants and it’s called our botany shelf. Study about plants is called botany.

We start with seeds in botany. We explain the kids that the plants are grown from the seeds by showing them the germination of mustard seeds in the school environment.

We enjoy the germination of the seeds with the famous song ” Gardner plants the seeds”.

And we explain the parts of the seed with the sprouted beans. We offer each child one or two sprouted beans and help them to remove the seed coat and tell them how the seed coat protects the seed. Then we help the children to open up the sprouted beans to look into the baby plant grown inside. And then we compare our seed puzzle with the sprouted beans to identify the parts of the seed.

Sprouted beans for the seed lessons

Parts of the seed

The radicle grows in to root and the plumule grows in to shoot of the baby plant. And the cotyledon is the storehouse of food for the baby plant till it develops it’s own leaves for photosynthesis.

A child working with the seed puzzle and learning the parts of the seed.

As an additional activity to our seed lesson we have this matching up the seed cards with the seed samples in the box.

The seed picture cards are from The Helpful Garden

And that’s our introduction to botany and lessons on seed.



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