Vertebrates and invertebrates lessons in Montessori classroom 

We first help the little children in understanding that all the things in the world are either living or non living.

Pictures sorting for living and non living. Picture cards are from thehelpfulgarden

And all the living things are either plants or animals (We explain the six kingdoms of living things only to the elementary children).

Pictures sorting for animals and plants. Pictures are from thehelpfulgarden.

Then we tell the children that study of animals is called zoology and our zoology shelf has all the materials related to animals.
Our zoology shelf

And all the animals are classified as either vertebrates or invertebrates. We help the children to understand, what is vertebrate by asking them run their fingers along the spine of his friend.

Vertebrates and invertebrates sorting . Picture cards from thehelpfulgarden.

Then the five classes of vertebrates are introduced.

Pictures with vertebrates highlighted. Picture cards are from The Helpful Garden.

A child matching the picture cards and the model of vertebrates.

I have also recently printed out the x rays of the five classes of vertebrates to show the children.

That was our class of vertebrates and invertebrates.



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