Me on the map lesson 

After the introduction of world map to the children, we introduce Asia and India map. And give them the name lessons of India’s neighbouring countries and later names of states of India, step by step.

And when the children had worked with the world puzzle map, Asia puzzle map and India puzzle map many times, We give them the lesson ” Me on the Map”.

Children in love with puzzle map works.

Me on the map lesson is just to help the children realise that their town Dindigul is in Tamilnadu, Tamilnadu is in India, India is in Asia and Asia is in the planet earth.

That’s me explaining, me on the map lesson to the star kids club children.

And no lesson is fun with out a song and here’s the song for the lesson  “Me on the map “…..

Tune: I got the whole world in my hand

I live in the planet, planet earth (4)

I live in the continent of Asia (4)

I live in the country of India (4)

I live in the state of Tamilnadu (4)

I live in the town of Dindigul (4)

And following is the flaps book created with the map puzzle pieces for this lesson.

And that’s me on the map.


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