Weather and seasons lesson 

Weather is combination of atmospheric conditions i.e. wind, rain, humidity, visibility, temperature etc for current period of time. Season is the summary of similar type of weather conditions of a few months. Weather is on a day to day basis where as season is the weather during the particular time frame of the year.

We help the children to understand the concept of weather and seasons step by step. First we help the children to understand various forms of weather and a drawing for it.

They also did a paper collage craft on weather drawing.

We help the children daily to interpret the weather changes and make the change of weather symbol in their magnetic calendar that we bought from Kido Motessori Materials, a play school and Montessori materials shop in Bangalore, Karnataka.

Then they were helped to do a worksheet noting down the daily weather changes for 15 days and interpreting the season of the month from the weather.

And the children were also explained that the earth’s revolution around the sun in an axis causes seasons to change in a year.

There are five seasons in India.

  1. Summer season- April, May, June
  2. Monsoon season- July, August, September
  3. Autumn season- October, November
  4. Winter season- December, January
  5. Spring season- February, March

The children also did a creative writing on their favourite season with the picture clues that I have prepared.

Creative writing of one of our kids

These are the picture cards that I have prepared for seasons lessons to our montessori children. I have included the pictures that will explain the characteristics of each season. I have included the pictures of dresses and foods and drinks that we prefer in each season. Also I have included the pictures of famous festivals that we celebrate during that season. And our children love the seasons cards.

And that’s our weather and seasons lessons.


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