Lessons on solar system 

After the lessons about earth, we give the lessons on solar system to the children.

We tell the children that not only earth but there are 7 more planets are revolving around the sun. The sun and all the eight planets form the solar system. We demonstrate the solar system and planets revolution with the solar system model that I got from the amazon. I have also purchased balls of various sizes and have painted the balls as different planets similar to the solar system model.

Sun and the eight planets revolving around it

We give the following song to the children to help them remember the planets names in order.

“Mercury, Venus, earth and mars

Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune

These are the planets around the sun

They are eight in all……”

I don’t remember where I got this song from. This is what we give about solar system to the nursery kids.

The solar system lessons for the elementary children of our star kids club are given with little more details about the asteroid belt, meteorite, comets and rings around the planets. And also I give few details about each planet with the help of the song “family of the sun” from the NASA website for kids. I give the details of each planet as I add the planet to our solar system chart. The picture cards and name slips are from the site The Helpful Garden.

You can see the asteroid belt, stars, meteorites (stones) and dwarf planets at the last.

And I do few demonstrations while explaining about the planets like meteorite hitting the mercury (stones hitting the clay ball to show the formation of craters as it has no atmosphere), mars is red (showing the red soil prepared by mixing iron rust and magnet).
The children made solar system model with paper cuttings and glitters to take home.

And there was a quiz on solar system after the lessons.

And that was our lessons on solar system.


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