Earth’s rotation and revolution 

We explain the children about the earth’s rotation and revolution as a continuation of our earth science lessons. And this is how we do it.

We first explain the revolution of earth around the sun and the time it takes to revolve around the sun is 365 days that is one year. The elementary children are explained about the exact time of revolution (365.25 days) and this 0.25 days added up to give one extra day every fourth year and we call that as leap year. In the leap year February month has 29 days.

And we do birthday celebrations of our children in montessori way. That is the child carries the globe around the sun ( candlelight) starting from his birthday month and completes one revolution by again coming to his birthday month. Wherein the other children sing the song,

The earth goes around the sun

The earth goes around the sun

And every time it goes around another year is gone

And the parents or teachers explain the first year of life of the child to all, as the birthday child completes one revolution, one year.

The child’s revolution around the sun continues till he reaches the age of celebrating age. And few memorable events of each year of child’s life is shared with all by the parents or the teacher.

That’s a picture of a birthday kid carrying the globe.

Then on another day we explain about the rotation of earth on it’s own axis which causes day and night ( with globe and the candlelight). And we also explain when it is day in Asia, America will be in night.

And that’s the lesson on revolution and rotation of earth.



  1. Love your blog and the way that the concepts are taken to children in such a practical manner.kudos to you and your team. Keep blogging, it’s a great inspirating.. I have started to try few with my child.

    Liked by 1 person

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