Measurement lessons with hands on activities 

Any lessons given to a child should start with various hands on activities to help him to understand the concept. And later the child can be helped to fill up the work sheets. Repeated works with the hands on activities help the child to get to know the concept better rather than filling down the worksheet as a one time process.

We give lots of hands on activities in all possible ways for our school children to help them to understand a concept better. I am sharing one such concept taught in our school today with the hands on activities that we gave.

Measurement is the concept, I am going to discuss today. We start giving the measurement of length lessons in montessori classroom. We set the tools for measuring length in a tray and give presentations on how to measure length with those tools and how should we interpret the measurement with the SI units.

The grade I children were also taught about the hand span, arm span and foot span. They did a project work to see how foot span of each people differ and so we need a standard measurement tools and units.

Grade children were also taught about measurement of weight and it’s SI units.

Measuring the weight of the books in weighing scale.

Measuring the weights of various objects exactly with the weight stones.
And measurement of liquids and SI units were also taught with various measuring tools with the scale in it. They also learnt how much 100 and 500 ml liquids are needed to fill a 1000ml bottle.

Various measurement tools to see 5 ml, 10 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml and 1 litre.

And that was our measurement lessons with hands on activities. Later the grade I children were taught about the conversion table as well.


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