Earth lessons in our montessori classroom 

We start with telling the children that the place we live on, is called earth. And we show how our earth is made up of land and water with the sand paper globe. Then we help them to understand that large land masses are called continents and large water bodies are called oceans. And we show them the continents globe.

On another day we show them, how our globe is represented on a flat surface called map. For this we make a clay globe and we cut it in to half and press the hemispheres to make flat map. And we introduce the world puzzle map.

Then we tell them that like us the continents also do have names and we teach them the names of the continents with the following song.( I don’t remember where I got this song exactly)

North America, South America

Europe, Asia, Africa

Don’t forget Australia

Don’t forget Antarctica

Tell me the continents

Tell me the continents

Tell me if you can.

A child working with the world puzzle map and the control chart.

For the elementary children of star kids club, I have also presented the layers of earth with clay and a globe model.

I also have made a flag pin map from the free download in Montessori Print Shop site for the elder kids. We use it with the toothpicks and a thermocol box lid. This works out well for us and the kids love to work with it.

All the continents and the oceans were given with the name flag.


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