Money lessons for the grade I children 

Today I am sharing the money lessons that we gave during the month of December and January for our grade 1 kids. As I have mentioned before, the lessons for the grade I children are always with lots of hands on experience, here goes our lessons on money……

We gave the money lessons with the coins from the Monopoly and the currency (rupees) notes available in the market for kids play. We had 10 pieces of 10,20,50,100,500 and 1000 rupee notes. I had laminated the rupee notes for the durability. The teacher helped the children with the identification of the value of coins and notes. Later the kids were given few notes to add it together and find the total value.

And later each child were distributed with the 10,20,50,100 and 500 rupee notes and they were helped to give the change for 1000 rupees with the teacher. Similarly the change game was also done with coins. Later a small toy shop was set with few toys and price tag was fixed for each toy.

The toy shop was ready with the toys and the money to start the play.

And the children took turns as the buyer and the seller and they did their calculations on the board for everyone to have a look.

Next was a big event of Tamil drama of market, “santhai”. Every month the grade I kids act out a drama or mime or monoact for the nursery kids in our school. And this month drama was on market. (What will be a better way for the children to understand the concept of money for trading than the market? ).

Our vegetable and fruit merchants of market.

Our cloth merchant of market.

Our flower merchant of market.

Our ice cream seller of the market.

The four family members went on with the spree of shopping to all the shops of market and made purchases.

Really fun marketing spree and the nursery kids were very excited to see their elders market drama.

Kudos to our teachers for their efforts to make the learning process fun for the children.



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