The sunflower plant in our school 

We have our first batch of grade 1 students this year who have completed montessori primary in our school. And we are following CBSE syllabus for them. We are making the learning process fun as much as possible with lots of hands on experience for the kids. And one such hands on project work was the sunflower plant. In this post I would like to share about the sunflower plant of our grade 1 children.

On November, our school grade 1 children sowed sunflower seeds in the big planting pot in our school.

All the 9 children sowed seeds and took turns on each day taking care of the plants such as watering, deweeding, giving support for the tender stem etc. They learnt how to take care of the plants. But out of the 9 seeds only few seeds grew and only three sunflower blossomed in January.

Out of the three sunflowers, only one reached the harvest time in March. Have a look at the sunflower ripen with seeds.

And our children took turns to pluck out the seeds with the tweezers.

A very proud moment of harvest.

And the kids sowed few sunflower seeds again in the pot for the fun to go on.

I think that was a great story of our children and the sunflower plant.



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