Colour day celebrations in our Montessori classroom 

I choose a theme for our colour day celebrations every year. Last academic year , the concept was ‘ Eat colours for your health’. Every month the children were asked to come in the same colour dress and same colour snacks of that colour that we were celebrating in that day.

And we will do a group art work every month, sticking pictures of that day’s colour fruits and veggies in a chart. And we tell the children about the benefits and goodness that we get by eating that colour food.

And that was the final art piece completed at the end of the year. And on the day of Holi in March month we celebrated all the colours and we insisted on taking at least two foods from each colour group daily for good health to the children.

This year the colour day concept chosen was ‘colours and my feelings’. The children were taught about the feelings that the colour evokes in us on that colour day celebrations with the colour song by Kira Willey. ( I have added brown in the song). You can listen to the song in YouTube. 

The children were asked to come in the colour dress of that day celebrations and with a piece of the same colour paper for the art work.

Pictures taken on our orange colour day celebrations. Some more pictures of other colour day celebrations are as follows………

And on the day of Holi in march we reinforced the colours and the feelings concept and enjoyed the colour song of Kira willey.

And the children did rainbow colour craft.

And our rainbow children on the day of Holi

And the display board set up for Holi was…..



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