Colour lessons in Montessori classroom 

We start giving colour lesson to kids with colour tablet box 1 and 2  in the Montessori classroom. 

I am a fan for the Montessori materials and I appreciate the way that she has isolated one physical property in each sensorial material. The children really get a clarification in learning colours with her material.

Then before presenting the third colour tablet box, we help our children to work with the colour mats from The Helpful Garden site. These colour mats are all time favourite of our children. Thanks to Cathie of helpful garden blog post for sharing many wonderful materials. I have used many of her materials in our classroom.

Later we help the children to understand the formation of secondary colours from the primary colours by simply showing them the colour mixing with poster colours. 

The children love the magic of colour mixing.

Then the children are helped to arrange the colour from light to dark with the colour tablet box 3. 

More colour lessons presented to our elementary children of our star kids club in the next post.


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