Colour lessons for elementary children 

We don’t have elementary class rooms but We have a small group of elementary children who come for weekend after school program, we call ourselves as star kids club.

And this is how I presented colours for them. I explained them what  are primary, secondary and tertiary colours first. Then we did colour mixing with the colour wheel from Mama Jenn. Thanks to her for sharing the colour wheels.

Children on the go with the colour wheel. Then we did colour separation in filter paper strips. We marked the edge of the filter paper with the sketch and we dipped it in the water. We could see the colours getting separated as they seep through the paper.

Then we discussed about the effects of colour on our feelings with the cards that I had prepared for our Montessori colour day celebrations concept ( will post more about it later on another day). And we sang the song of Kira willey on colours.

We also did dyeing of the fabrics with natural colours from purple cabbage and beetroot.

And lastly we did colour spinners for more colour illusion.

This is the colour spinner done by recycling the old cd. The children also did a worksheet on colours and learnt about the colour value as well.

The information  I used for teaching tertiary colours is as follows.

That is all what we did for our  colour lessons.



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