More weaving projects 

In this post I am sharing the weaving projects done by my kid when she was around 9 to 11 years of age.

This is the Swedish heart basket done with the rexin cloth strips that my daughter made for her friend’s birthday as a token of love.

You can make these heart bags with felt cloth or  foam sheets. And there are lots of way you cut out strips to bring designs in it.

Courtesy: Google Images

And one of our cool vacation project was a newspaper basket woven with the newspaper rolls.

The base of the basket is a cardboard. Once you are done with weaving you can paint it with your favourite colours.

Another basket woven with construction papers is as follows……

Another vacation project was loop weaving done with the weaving loom got from amazon.

These cute little bags were their favorite to store their small goodies. You can also make pot holders, pencil case, coin purse and many more with your own ideas. But the loops that we got with the loom were just enough to make only these two little bags. I have promised her to get more loops and I am searching for a cheap and best seller yet.
And in a recent vacation my kids went to a hand weaving loom and observed various process of dying, spinning and weaving by the house wives in their home for a week time. The elementary kids should always be given a chance to observe and participate in real work process. It helps them to know various process and difficulties in the making of things. Appreciation comes from knowing the effort put in and this is a quality we would have to impart in our future generation.


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