Weaving lessons in Montessori classroom 

This post is to explain how we give weaving lessons to nursery kids step by step.

We start with helping the child to understand the concept of weaving over and under using ribbons in an iron grid. 

Later we help the child to weave the plastic strips in a laminated card base.

The children did similar work with chart paper as base and colour paper strips to weave, in the summer class to take home. 

And later weaving is done with woollen yarn in the cds.

Cute CD wall hangers done by the kids of 6 to 7 years.

I have done few more weaving activity for the elder kids too.

This is a weaving craft done by the kids of star kids club as their weekend craft work.

I will post some more weaving projects that I’ve done with my kid and my niece.


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